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Slide your way down 16 feet of fun into the water-filled bumper at the end! The wall of water along the side keeps you cool and keeps your glide smooth. It’s even more fun with the bonus inflatable slide boogie board!

• 16ft. Slip ‘N Slide®
• Single sliding lane
• 1 Inflatable side Boogie® is included
• Water wall running the side of the slide
• Wall of water on bumper for a big splash!
• Age 5-12
• Product size: 192″ (l) x 30″ (W) x 4 (H) (Inflatable) (487.68cm x 76.2cm x 19.16cm) (Inflatable)
• Boogie® Size: 21″ (53cm) (L)
• Closed Box
• Packaging size: 12″ (W) x 9″ (H) x 2″ (D)(30.48cm x 22/86cm x 5.08xm)

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Bring some serious water fun to your garden with the original and best slip n slide from Wham-O. Invented by upholsterer Robert carrier while watching his son hose down their slick concrete driveway and then slide down on it, the slip n slide was launched to market by Wham-O in 1961. The magic water slide quickly became a summer staple and millions have been sold around the world. The iconic wave rider double features two sliding lanes for double the racing fun plus a wall of water on the end bumper for extra excitement.