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When your goal is to build a lean, ripped and muscular body – Shred System is the go-to protein. Shred System is very different from most other “lean” proteins that are just low in fat and carbs. Shred System has a unique protein and amino acid blend to support lean muscle gain while you burn maximum fat. But the real secret of Shred System is the powerful Thermogenic Complex – and potent combination of carb blocking and fat burning nutrients to inhibit fat storage, stimulate your metabolism and incinerate stubborn fat deposits.

  • Suitable for all ages and all training levels – from beginner to advanced
  • Promotes lean muscle gain and fast fat loss
  • Accelerates recovery and reduces muscle soreness
  • Boosts metabolism – mega energy even when you are dieting!

The Shred System Blueprint

MAX’S Shred System Fat Stripping Protein is a key part of our Shred System Blueprint – a complete guide to the Training, Nutrition and Supplements you need to take your body from average to AWESOME! The Shred System Blueprint consists of 3 key components:

TRAINING – The training component of the Shred System Blueprint prescribes a high-intensity approach to your workouts. The focus is on really pushing your muscles hard using a series of techniques to elicit the maximum growth response. The Blueprint will give you exercises, sets, reps and tips on how to optimise your time in the gym.

NUTRITION – Getting your nutrition right will make all the difference between an awesome ripped physique, and just an average body. Our nutrition plans emphasize healthy whole foods including high-quality protein sources, fresh veggies and fruits, and a moderate level of the right carbs. The good news is the food tastes great and you won’t go hungry!

SUPPLEMENTS – While we list Supplements as a separate component, they are really an essential part of your overall nutrition strategy. Using the right supps, in the correct quantities, and at the optimum times during your day can make a massive difference to your results. Our Shred System Blueprint gives you a complete supplement strategy to tie in with your nutrition program so you can build the ultimate physique.

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