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When you’re putting in 110% at the gym, you need a protein that works as hard as you do! Max’s Absolute Mass is a blended protein and blended carbohydrate formula that provides fast and sustained release of MASS building nutrients to keep your system anabolic all day. This blend is accompanied by a specific nutrient blend designed to fuel recovery and stimulate maximum protein synthesis so you can pack on muscular weight, size and strength FAST! Max’s Absolute Mass features their Glycofuse Carb Complex which has been developed to work synergistically with Max’s Anabolic Protein Blend and Mass Support Matrix to give you the greatest growth stimulus possible. Max’s has done the planning, so you don’t have to – Stay anabolic for longer, with Absolute Mass!

  • Max’s Anabolic Protein Blend – A specific combination of fast, medium and slow release dairy proteins to provide a longer opportunity for protein synthesis. This blend of Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Casein and Milk Protein Isolate has been designed to help you stay anabolic for longer, to pack on more muscle, get stronger, bigger and more powerful!
  • Max’s Glycofuse Carb Complex – An extremely anabolic matrix of fast, medium and slow release carbohydrates. Designed to keep energy levels high for training and fuel metabolic processes required for normal activity and growth.
  • Max’s Mass Support Matrix – A complex of proven nutrients to support muscle recovery, protein synthesis and energy production.

The secret to building Mass and Strength is training hard and heavy, plus making sure you’re getting the right nutrition. Max’s Absolute Mass is designed to deliver enough protein to help grow muscle and enough carbs and fats to fuel recovery and growth. Whether you’re looking to gain weight, muscular size and build a powerful physique or someone who wants to optimise recovery after hard training or sport – 2 scoops mixed in 500-700ml of water or milk in addition to regular meals is all you need to see and feel the benefits of Max’s Absolute Mass.

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