3 in 1 Foam Roller

3 in 1 Foam Roller


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Give You a Deep Tissue Massage with this Foam Roller. Foam rolling is a highly effective habit that is great for use in physical therapy, massage therapy, as well as pre and post workout. The space-saving 3-in-1 design of this roller provides 3 rollers with 3 different widths to target a breadth of muscle groups.

The Advantages of 3 in 1 Foam Roller:

  • Increase blood flow to areas of need for quicker recovery;
  • Massage out knots and tight spots;
  • Increase range of motion, mobility, and flexibility
  • Reduce pain and restore motion in joints through myofascial release;
  • Relieve pain and discomfort in muscle joints due to fatigue and soreness;
  • Reduce cellulite in problem areas by stretching and toning;